Virtual History: Middle School

The light bulb and the toilet might be things we take for granted today, but they were revolutionary technology that changed the world. 

“First to Flip, First to Flush” takes a look at the science and history behind these technologies. The W.H. Stark House was one of the first homes in the world that had both of these core technologies and remains one of the best examples of these early innovations. Instructional videos review the history and functionality of these technologies as well as their cultural role. Students will then create their own crafted light fixture in a guided exercise that encourages them to think critically about the role of decorative arts in utilitarian objects. We all flip light switches and flush toilets. It’s time to learn where that came from and how it all works!This program aligns with middle school TEKS in both Social Studies and Science. 


Lesson Plan


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A Bright Idea and Beauty of Technology Worksheets

Activity Sheet

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Build Your Own Light Feature Worksheet

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