Virtual History: Elementary

As we enter a new decade and embrace the 2020’s, wouldn’t your students love to know what the 1920’s were like? 

“Life 100 Years Ago” focuses on technology, culture, and change that roared through the 1920’s. A short video covers general history and fun facts about the 1920’s, while the worksheets and activities include exercises and games to help kids of the 2020’s learn about kids who lived 100 years ago. Featuring job profile cards, historic grocery lists, and games like Pick-up Sticks and Jacks, students will explore how things have changed and how they’ve stayed the same. The 1920’s have a lot of lessons for the 2020’s, let’s explore them together!

This program is aligned with Social Studies, Health Education, Science, and English Language Arts and Reading TEKS for 1st – 5th grade.Please note – this program has a lesson plan and worksheets section divided between Lower (1st – 2nd) and Upper (3rd – 5th) Elementary. Please select the option most appropriate for your students. 


Lesson Plan

Worksheets – Lower Elementary 

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1920s Paper Doll Coloring Sheet

Worksheets – Upper Elementary 

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Activity Sheet

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Let’s Play Vintager Games Activity Sheet

Supply List 

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Pick Up Sticks (Melissa & Doug)

Jacks (Melissa & Doug)

Combo Pack (more affordable option)

Wooden Tops