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Looking for some spring break fun? Join The W.H. Stark House as we take an interactive look at history through hands-on activities based in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

This kit is focused on exploring properties of an important historic and modern material – rubber! Before you begin, check out the quick introductory video featured below. 

Accompanying each project is a worksheet that will explain a property of rubber and provide you with instructions on how to complete each experiment. These are designed to provide you with information to guide your learner(s) and help you facilitate each activity. Feel free to simplify or prompt further discussion depending on the level most appropriate for your learner(s).

We hope these kits will inspire your learner(s) to think more critically about materials they encounter in their everyday life and where things come from. 

**Please remember to supervise your learners at all times while working with the materials in this kit.**