Family Overview

The W.H. Stark House was the home of Miriam Lutcher and W.H. Stark. They were active and influential members of their community who left a lasting impact on Southeast Texas. The Stark House was also the childhood home of their son, H.J. Lutcher Stark. He was seven years old when the Stark House was completed, and he lived in the home until he went to the University of Texas.

In addition to the W.H. Stark family at least twenty other people lived on the grounds over the years as servants or relatives of servants. Near the House was a servant’s quarter split into apartments, while the head gardener and his wife raised nine children in the Carriage House adjoining the main house. Without people like Ida Roos (lady’s companion), Morris Peet (yardman), or Jane Higgason (maid) the household could not have functioned. These people also provide an invaluable insight into day-to-day life in Orange, Texas during the early 20th century.