School Groups

In support of the Stark Foundation’s mission, The W.H. Stark House offers free guided tours for students in 7th – 12th grade. School tours are free for students, teachers, and required chaperones. The standard group tour engages students in the turn of the 20th century, when Orange was a booming industrial town led by families like the Browns, Lutchers, and Starks. Students see and experience Orange through the lens of the Stark family and their household. In addition to the standard group tour, lesson plans aligned with state and national standards offer educators the opportunity to teach these standards outside the boundaries of the normal classroom. The W.H. Stark House is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and designated as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark by the Texas Historical Commission.
All tours start at the Carriage House at 610 W. Main Avenue (just behind The W.H. Stark House) and parking is available in the joint W.H. Stark House and Lutcher Theater parking lot. Stairs are an essential part of the tour. Busing reimbursement is available for schools throughout Texas Region 5 and Calcasieu Parish.

Student Tour Options

Giving in the Age of Business
8th-12th Grades Build

Grades Build a sense of civic engagement in your students while practicing historical skills in the 1-hour historic house tour. By using the Stark Family as an example, students learn about the thinking behind philanthropy during the Gilded and Progressive eras, as well as observing its impacts. The program also integrates Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth into pre- and post-visit activities, giving students a chance to work with primary sources. A major component of the lesson encourages students to take initiative and help their own communities. This lesson plan achieves standards in U.S. History for both TEKS and AP, but is also perfect for any civic minded classes. Maximum of 25 students possible onsite, in classroom adaptations are possible with advanced notice.

Filing up the Toolbox: Critical Thinking Through Graphic Organizers
(in collaboration with the Stark Museum of Art)
7th-12th Grades Help

Grades Help students develop the tools to drill into primary resources and build critical thinking skills in this 2.5 hour museum and historic house tour.
As students explore the Stark Museum of Art and The W.H. Stark House they’ll be challenged with a number of different critical thinking activities scaffolded with graphic organizers. In addition to practicing thinking skills like critical evaluation and identifying bias, students learn methods to understand and present the information they discover which are applicable in a range of circumstances. This experience offers a great opportunity for introducing students to new strategies for

organization while still practicing skills required by state standards. Maximum of 50 students onsite.


To request a tour, contact: Drew Whatley, Educator & Assistant Site Manager 409.883.0871,