Past Exhibits

Living Legacy

Get active and give back! Discover the many ways the W.H. Stark family was active and involved in their community in the new exhibit in the adjacent Carriage House, Living Legacy. Featuring many touching stories of how the W.H. Stark family helped those in their community and never before exhibited objects from the Collection of The W.H. Stark House, Living Legacy will inspire you to get involved.

Share your stories of community service by posting to our Padlet wall at padlet.com/whstarkhouse/livinglegacy

Preserving the Past

An exhibit at The W.H. Stark House on view March 29, 2016 through March 11, 2017, Preserving the Past, celebrates caring for the past by preserving family treasures. The Tower Room on the third floor of the Stark House is used as the exhibit space, and features a hands-on interactive area. The exhibit is the last stop on the regular tour, giving visitors a special experience in the historic setting.

The exhibit space is divided into two areas covering four themes: textiles, books, papers and photographs, and glass and ceramics, and this space gives visitors the opportunity to look out from the turret area, which boasts a 180 degree view of downtown Orange, Texas.

This thematic exhibition explores how the Stark House collection came to be, with stories of the W.H. Stark family’s love of collecting and moments from their everyday lives. Rarely seen objects from the collection have been pulled from storage to be displayed in this special exhibit. Preserving the Past also encourages visitors to preserve their own past with information and resources about caring for family treasures.

To Have and To Hold

A new exhibition at The W.H. Stark House, To Have and To Hold, celebrates the classic love story of Miriam Lutcher and W.H. Stark. The Tower Room of the Stark House is used as the exhibit space, with an interactive area in the turret. The exhibition is the last stop on the regular tour, giving visitors an extraordinary experience in the historic setting.

This thematic exhibition explores weddings and anniversaries in the late 1800s and early 1900s using the experiences of the W.H. Stark family. From their December 1881 wedding to their 1931 golden anniversary party, the exhibition features rarely displayed objects from the Stark House collection and historic photographs and documents. Highlighted in the exhibition center is Miriam Lutcher Stark’s lace Wedding Dress. To Have and To Hold offers visitors a never-before-seen 360 degree view of this spectacular object.

On view from Saturday, December 5, 2015 through Saturday, March 5, 2016.