The W.H. Stark House offers outreach experiences for learners of all ages. Current outreach experiences fall into three categories: presentations for your community group or in-service training, Scout programs and National History Day in Texas.

  • Many service organizations and other adult groups from faith-based organizations to senior living complexes to educator in-services and other training programs, tap local experts as speakers. House staff can speak to your group about The W.H. Stark House restoration and programming and the Stark and Lutcher families’ activities from the 1890s – 1936. The Stark House also offers opportunities for teachers to learn techniques and strategies to better impart history to their students.
  • The W.H. Stark House supports the efforts of Boy and Girl Scout troops to turn area youth into well-rounded, skilled, and informed adults. As an example, The W.H. Stark House Architecture program utilizes the unique architecture of the House to explore why and how people build the way they do. This program covers the majority of the requirements for the Boy Scout Architecture Merit Badge and includes area history.
  • The W.H. Stark House, working with Lamar University, acts a resource for Orange County students participating in the National History Day in Texas program. National History Day is a nationwide contest that encourages students to actively engage with the past by researching and developing papers, exhibits, performances, and more. Students learn cross subject skills while designing and presenting these projects at the local, regional, state and national level. National winners are eligible for scholarship prizes. The W.H. Stark House staff can come speak to teachers and their classes about National History Day participation and provide assistance in developing projects. Staff can also provide informative resources for students interested in projects about the history of Orange, Texas and the Stark family.