Frances Ann Lutcher Stark

Images courtesy of the Eunice R. Benckenstein Library and Archive.

November 29, 1882 – July 2, 1884

Though she never lived in The W.H. Stark House, Frances Ann “Frannie” Lutcher Stark’s short life had a profound impact on its occupants. Born on November 29, 1882 at William and Miriam’s first home in Orange, she was the Lutcher’s first grandchild and was given her grandmother’s entire name. Some kind of fever, most likely scarlet or yellow fever, cut her initially healthy young life short in the July 1884. This loss devastated the family.

Frannie’s tragedy greatly affected how her younger brother, Luther Stark, was raised, with both his mother and grandmother being very protective. When the Starks moved into their new home, Frannie’s memory went with them. Historic photos show her image decorating many of the rooms. Today The W.H. Stark House’s collection includes dozens of framed images of Frannie in every shape and size. For the latter part of her life, Frances Ann Lutcher insisted that those close to her call her “Mamoose.” It is possible that the name she used for the rest of her life was given to her by her namesake and first grandchild, Frannie.

William Henry Stark

Miriam Melissa Lutcher Stark

Henry Jacob Lutcher Stark